Hello there!, this will be short. We’ve been struggling almost all of our lives with large files, but the most painfull of them all is an sql dump larger than all human history ever written. This make us think, why we store so much data? Are we becomin data compulsive hoardings? Like, «save every little bit of information, maybe we need it later…» , yeah, more like maybe never…, who has time to review player data from 2 years back?

Image by https://foglobe.com

Ok, enough, let do this. So you ended up with a very large sql dump file from a backup or from a game or whatever, and restoring that enormous file is difficult, so is manipulation and transfer. So here comes SQLDumpSplitter 2 to the rescue.

Nice UI! – image from http://www.scrollbucks.com

You choose the file, set the split amount, other things and boom, there’s your splitted file.

Here is the link so you can download it:


Have fun!

Written by sebartista

Designer, web developer, game designer and developer.