Participate in events from local game dev organizations

We want to share this story and the steps we have taken to participate in local game development contests.

In Argentina, ADVA ( )  is a non profit organization for helping develop the game insdustry in the region.

Recently they have opened a contest to select 10 games for free coaching, and our game Escape from the Haunted Grounds have been selected!

Here are a couple of tips we believe have helped

  • Never stop trying
  • Propose your project in every contest you can
  • Don´t publish your game before pitching it to someone, it´s important for market positioning
  • Make a simple web page with screenshots and information
  • Make a demo, or a limited version of the game
  • Create a Facebook page with information of your projects

Getting help from experienced peolpe of the industry is always important, they have the know-how, and that´s one of the most valuable thing an indie / startup can have from the begining. It can make a big difference.

Thanks for reading! and we will keep updating with the process.

Written by sebartista

Designer, web developer, game designer and developer.